Client reviews

Client reviews

Comments from client Three Land Travel

28/11/2015 1144

Three Lands Director: 

"We have implemented the system with PNG since 2012, constantly being updated and upgraded with new, intelligent and optimized features. Currently, department meetings are conducted entirely on  Itoursys system, along with the quick and easy expansion of corporate offices. As IT people, we realize that PNGSOFT's products now have many outstanding features that we have. not seen in other products on the market. We will continue to work with PNGSOFT on many upcoming projects"

Comments from client 365 Travel

28/11/2015 1038
Miss Lucy - Sales Manager at 365 Travel
"Thank you PNG for systematizing 365 Travel's operations very methodically, with high logic design features. All activities in the company in each market segment and departments are connected smoothly. Through the process Using the program itoursys, we access the preeminent features available on the system. owners of all functions to flexibly handle complex requirements in daily work. In the coming time, the two sides will continue to expand and exploit added operations on the system to help customers 365 Travel has many more facilities.

Comments from customers Easia Travel

28/11/2015 1070

Miss Loan - sales manager Easia –travel
"PNGSOFT has implemented system at our company for the past 8 years, every single The business has been fully digitized, the training of new employees no longer using excel helps the company to grow the number of employees in many countries, to hundreds of people in a short time. I believe PNG has successfully implemented With a complex business system like Easia, it can be successfully deployed to other units"

Comments from customers Amega Travel

28/11/2015 1004

Anh Thanh Deputy Director - Amega Travel
"Before implementing PNG's system, we encountered some problems in systematizing manual operations, suitable for the Russian market, After implementing the foreign system but not suitable, we choose PNG's products instead. Thanks to PNGSOFT's system, we have shortened the preparation time for sales from 6 months to a few weeks, without staff growth but still achieving sales. twice as high as last year Deployed Itoursys system has stabilized enterprise personnel, saving time to develop new customers. We are now ranked 2nd in Russian market in Vietnam"

Reviews from Era Travel customers

28/11/2015 1026

Ms. Van - Deputy Director : ERA Travel

"“As a small company, but we determined to professionalize from the beginning, after many years of searching and consulting many softwares, we found PNG's Itoursys solution. In the process of working with PNG, we realize that this is a professional company, deeply knowledgeable about the tourism industry and dedicated to helping customers develop, as long as our company is growing, we will still use it. PNG's solution for my operation.” 

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