Connect API in itoursys

12/04/2023 2102

The trend of connectivity in the tourism industry is growing rapidly. Businesses need APIs and API connections with other companies and platforms. Itoursys will help businesses do that.

What is API?
An application programming interface is a defined set of rules and protocols, written in programming code that allows communication and data transfer between application software/computer software. In other words, API allows two or more different software and applications to communicate with each other and transmit information and data easily.

In the past, it was difficult for systems to communicate with each other, especially software installed on the server. This is like a computer without an Internet connection, an isolated island. Thanks to the exponential growth of the Internet, and cloud computing technology, the software development community has supported the hyper-connected platform ecosystem model. API was born as a binder that connects applications or systems to exchange data freely. The API acts as a middle man to facilitate the secure transmission of data without interfering with the core system.

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