Which markets can Itoursys travel management software deploy to?
  • Currently, the travel management software Itoursys strictly manages the models of most travel companies, including Inbound, Outbound and Domestic.
  • Itoursys travel software has its own management characteristics with each model, but still combines on a unified overall solution, helping companies with all three models still operate flexibly.
What platform does PNGSOFT's software system run on?
  • PNGSOFT's Itoursys travel management software is 100% Web-based. Therefore, users do not need to install on personal computers, just use a web browser to use the system.
  • In addition to reducing initial deployment costs, PNGSOFT is ready to support hosting software on PNGSOFT's servers at the most favorable cost. The system is maintained 24/7 to help businesses work continuously without interruption.
  • Itoursys tourism management software system is very "flexible" in business configuration, helping businesses easily deploy and expand the system to countries in the region without any obstacles.
We want to sell tours online, what does the system support us?
  • PNGSOFT provides an online tour selling solution, tightly integrated with itoursys travel management software. The data flow between the sales website and itoursys software is done instantly without any intermediary stages.
  • Websites can be located on different servers, but the administration is only in one place in itoursys.
  • Integrated online payment solution.
  • Integrated SEO and social networks.
  • The scientific interface is suitable for the market that the company is targeting.
Currently our company is on a small scale, manual management is a bit inconvenient but still works, so when will we deploy itoursys travel management software is appropriate?
  • The vast majority of tourism businesses wait for the company to develop before deploying tourism management software. Thus, when the system is needed, it is too late, because every company must have time to adapt to the paperless electronic environment. Therefore, your company should plan a deployment roadmap in advance so that the company can eliminate redundant operations in the business, create rules in the business from the very beginning, reduce the management work to focus on faster and stronger business development.
  • Notably, companies with a small scale will adopt the system faster than large companies because the deployment volume will be less.
  • The common problem is that companies are concerned about the cost of implementation, we will have preferential rates with small travel agencies, along with consulting the necessary basic modules to deploy first, the functions Expansion will be implemented later. Therefore, the cost will be optimized, in line with the financial capacity of small companies.
To put Itoursys into operation, where should my company start?
  • Each company is unique, so contact us for a demo. Our team of experts will recommend the most optimal steps to deploy the Itoursys travel management software for your company with a clear and specific roadmap, a common vision between the two parties.
  • Common routes include:

- Find out customer needs.

- We set up the most suitable model for the customer.

- Performing a free trial run of the Itoursys travel software.

Should small companies deploy Itoursys travel management software?
  • Small companies can completely manage their work on itoursys travel management software. The operating stages in the system can both separate the stages with the large company model, but can be reduced with the small tour company model.
  • Itoursys travel software has been successfully deployed with 2-3 employees. Later, the company grew to 10 employees, the system still responded flexibly.
My company needs to deploy the system, so how is the cost calculated?
  • Itoursys travel management software is a large system with many functions for many different market models. We base on the actual needs of your company to offer the most suitable price. Your company only needs to pay for the used part without paying for the unused parts.
  • Itoursys travel software is divided into suitable packages depending on the size of your company.
  • Flexible pricing, we have a free trial plan with 100 requests/1 year.
What is PNGSOFT's after-sales support policy?
  • Itoursys travel management software offers 12 months free product warranty.
  • Lifetime free error correction and patching support during use.
  • The itoursys travel software provides a training account during use.

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