Inbound market

27/12/2016 2107

Solutions for the inbound system, in general, are very diverse and compatible with flexible sales methods of partners and foreign customers. Grasping that need, PNGSOFT has designed the best structure and optimization for the operation management of this market.

Outbound market

27/12/2016 2335
The outbound market is full of potential and constantly growing in recent times. To meet growth needs, companies. PNGSOFT's Itoursys travel management software system has built its own outstanding features for this market, from experiences with large outbound companies in Vietnam.

Internal Market

27/12/2016 2195
According to the General Statistics Office, in 2014, the domestic market has reached 38.5 million domestic visitors. Along with the growth of the domestic market, improving service quality for this market is also essential to improve the competitiveness of businesses as well as ensure the best exploitation of the market. For the domestic system, it is generally similar to the solution for the inbound market, but due to the current characteristics of this market, PNG has designed the structure to best suit the operating model.

Online Guest Market - B2C

27/12/2016 2180

Online customers have become more active than ever, tourism businesses are now, the number of tour bookings and online services is increasing, many travel companies in addition to selling tours to customers. traditional store, has expanded with this online channel to attract customers and expand the market.

B2B agency customer market

27/12/2016 1930

Most of Vietnam's inbound businesses sell through TO/TA agents from abroad. Therefore, expanding B2B functions to serve these customers better, helping to grow profits, as well as minimizing unnecessary intermediaries.

Solution for selling train tickets

27/12/2016 2002

Tourists tend to travel by train which is both economical and has more leisure time than other means of transport, with an increasing number of bookings, train ticketing companies need solutions to optimize all travel arrangements. business operations.

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